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Monitor Computer Activity 11.02.01

Monitor Computer Activity 11.02.01: Reason behind decreased productivity may be wastage of time by employees activity tool is that you need not be physically present to monitor your employees. This is so because while monitoring, this tool takes snapshots of employees’ computer desktop activities and saves them in an .AVI file on the employees’ computer system. Later you can access these .AVI files to know as to what your employees were doing on their computer system in your absence. To sum up, we can say that Employee Desktop Live Viewer is an eminent

Desktop Activity Recorder 11.02.01: Keep an eye on your employee activities with desktop activity recorder
Desktop Activity Recorder 11.02.01

employees’ computer activities is now very easy with desktop activity recorder. It helps you to keep a check on what they exactly do when they are supposed to work. You can monitor every activity that is happening on your employees’ computer screens and can also record them as AVI files. Desktop activity recorder works invisibly hence, you can monitor your employees’ desktop activities without letting them know about it. In fact, lost productivity

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Employee Activity LIVE Watcher Client 1.6

Secretly monitors computer, logs everything n takes screenshots every minute. Monitors PC and allows viewing screenshots and logs of what the user has done. Runs in background, takes snapshots of the desktop automatically. Password protected.

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SurveilStar Any Employee  Monitor 1.2.2: Any employee monitor to monitor employees` internet activities at workplace
SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor 1.2.2

SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor is a great computer controlling software which can help you to monitor and record employees` internet activities including visited websites, incoming and outgoing emails, MSN messages, uploaded and downloaded files. This employee activity monitoring software can be also used as parental control tool and web protection software to control emails, block social networking websites,etc.

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Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0: Computer monitoring software to monitor every activity of network or local PC.
Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0

activity in your home or office. Important features of Activity Reporter are as follows:- Screenshot To provide you details about what your employee or child is doing on the computer, Activity Reporter will continuously take snapshots of every activity performed on the computer screen. These screen snapshots can be recorded as specified time interval or on every mouse click. Keystroke Activity Activity Reporter will capture all keystrokes typed on

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FlexiStation Free Employee Management 1.68: Logs employees working hours and more with this employee management system.
FlexiStation Free Employee Management 1.68

employee management software for an individual computer that can integrate with FlexiServer for a network employee management solution that can create a flexible work environment with automatic employee time attendance and activity logging. In addition to tracking staff hours, the software features tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works perfectly with home or remote based staff. Benefits: * Saves employees the chore of needing

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Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution 5.5: Cyclope is an employee surveillance software
Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution 5.5

activity. Cyclope monitors: Window Activity Application Activity Specific Application Usage Internet Activity Web Sites Activity Chat conversations Documents Attendance Overtime Activity Features: Window activity, Application activity, Specific application usage, Internet activity, Chat monitoring, Idle timeout, Web sites activity, Graphical statistics, Employees working efficiency evaluation, Employees comparison, Web site remote administration,

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